Monday , November 18 2019
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Dangers Associated With Internet Connected Devices


The buzz word being thrown around in the technology world today is Internet of Things (IoT). With the developments of the internet, it is steadily finding its way into our everyday devices such as lamps, refrigerators, vehicles and even coffeemakers. While smart technology has definitely led to ground breaking innovations …

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China Expands “Pre-Crime” Data Program


It sounds like something out of a science fiction book or movie: it is confirmed that the Chinese government is expanding upon its already robust surveillance database in order to automatically track people and crunch the data in order to predict who is highly likely to commit an act of …

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Medical Microfish? 3D Science Takes the Next Step


The possibilities of 3D printing are expanding every day as researchers, scientists, and your next-door neighbor think of new, creative uses for the technology. While it’s nowhere near the Star Trek replicator technology, which can produce a steaming hot, nutritious meal within seconds, 3D printing definitely has incredible potential. The …

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Right or Wrong? The Hackers Vs. Ashley Madison


In July of 2015, hackers from the group Impact Team announced that they had hacked Ashley Madison, a website catering to married individuals seeking an illicit relationship. The hackers claimed that they were in possession of account information for over 30 million users of the site. Impact Team told Ashley …

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