Monday , November 18 2019
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Geek or Nerd: The Labeling Game


Are you a geek? How about a nerd? These two words have generated significant, often heated debate throughout the years, especially within the past decade or two. Are they really that different? And where did the words originate? The Original Geek Believe it or not, the word “geek” used to …

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Diversity In The Tech Workplace


Recently, engineer Isis Anchalee faced sexist comments when she posed for her company’s recruitment ad. In response, she started the “I look like an engineer” campaign, which quickly gained momentum among intelligent women who feel the sting of gender-shaming in their chosen careers. The campaign highlighted the continuing problems of …

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Going Ergonomic with Your Tech


Most computer users have felt it─ that twinge in your wrists or elbows, or that cramp in your neck and shoulders. It’s the sign that your body has been in an uncomfortable position of strain for too long. Whether you spend hours typing at work or hours at home surfing …

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