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Is Spyhunter 4 A Safe Program?

spyhunter4conduitQ: Is Spyhunter Safe?

A: Spyhunter 4 is a very effective anti-malware and anti-spyware software tool published by Enigma Software that makes it very easy to remove malicious software from your computer.  It is a safe program that I have used myself in order to remove malware.

I often get emails from people asking me my opinion on Spyhunter 4, and whether or not it’s a safe software program.  I also see some of the most common search phrases that people use to find our site are “is spyhunter safe?” or “is spyhunter legit?”.  These are very reasonable questions to ask since you don’t want to just download and run any old software program.  It is important to research any software that you put on your PC.

Updates for 2017

Spyhunter 4 continues to remain our top recommended spyware and malware removal software tool for 2017.  Enigma Software just submitted Spyhunter to, an independent software analysis and testing firm, and got a very favorable review from them that can be read here.  You will find that they put Spyhunter through all the paces and Spyhunter 4 came out as a very good solution for malware removal.

My Personal Experience With Spyhunter 4

I have personally used the software myself with great results.  Not so long ago my editing computer was infected with the Conduit search infection, a very annoying program that takes over your browser and assorted programs.  I used Spyhunter to get rid of the Conduit search infection quickly and easily, and with that experience I’ve determined that it’s a very legitimate software tool that does its job well.  It has many features including an advanced rootkit detection system that enables it to get rid of even the most insidious infections.

It also gets rid of malware that slips by antivirus software.  I was running Norton 360, a very good antivirus software program, on the computer that was infected with Conduit.  However, it managed to piggyback with some other software I installed (it was a .rar file opening tool from one of those random download sites, never a good idea!).  This is often the case for a lot of spyware out there.

Overall I’ve had a very good experience with Spyhunter and it helped me solve this problem quickly and easily.  I found it to be easy to use, fast, and quite effective.

Public Sentiment

There seems to be a bit of a mixed consensus on the internet about Spyhunter.  Many people have used Spyhunter with great success, and I have heard personally from these people.  Often Spyhunter was able to remove a very difficult to get rid of malware program with little trouble.  Other people claim that they basically “got their computer back”after suffering a complete takeover by adware or malware.

Here are some of the good reviews that I found:




Some people claim that it’s a scam or that it tricks you into buying it, and these people tend to drown out the “good” reviews.  This is probably the case because people feel the need to lash out if they feel they’ve been wronged more than the people who’ve had a good experience feel the need to write about it.  But most of these people are very misinformed;  the biggest claim is that Spyhunter is a scam and that it seems to trick people into getting it or downloading it and that it’s not FREE.  I’m not sure where these people get the idea that the software is free, or why they pitch a fit because they can’t have it for free.  Unfortunately Enigma Software isn’t a charity, and they work to keep Spyhunter updated with the latest malware definitions and footprints.  Sometimes you have to pay for a quality software program.

Spyhunter does let you download a “locked” version so that you can try out the software and use the scanner to see if it finds malware on your computer.  Perhaps you might want to see if it will find a particular problem you’re having before you buy the software.  This is the purpose of the free download, which is very useful.  However, if you want to run the software and remove the malware you do have to buy a license key.


Overall as I said before I think that Spyhunter 4 is an excellent tool to use if you’re having a malware problem with your PC.  It’s safe, effective, and very easy to use.  A spyware removal tool in conjunction with an antivirus software tool is the best defense that you can give your computer.  I highly recommend having both types of software.  After my firsthand experience with Spyhunter in helping me to remove the spyware on my own computer I can 100% recommend this software to anyone looking for a computer program to do this job for them.



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