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Tips To Keep Your Data Safe


Daily use of computers has expanded exponentially in the last few years, and more and more people are using their computers and smartphones to do a ton of their daily day to day tasks, shopping, communication, and entertainment.  All the data being passed through your computer and over the internet …

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Cloud Computing: One Size does not Fit All


Whether you’re sending a teen or a college student off or heading back to school yourself, you need a reliable, portable laptop to take along. You’ll need it for taking notes, for checking class schedules, for turning in homework virtually, and for networking with everyone back home. Keep these 7 …

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Choosing the Best Web Hosting Plan


With your website already set, you’re now wondering how and where you can find a web hosting plan that will be able to accommodate all your needs. Getting it right for the first time is crucial if you look at the bigger picture; changing your hosting provider will cost you …

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5 PC Upgrades That You Can Afford


Sure, your desktop PC is great, but you’re itching for an upgrade. The trouble is, you don’t have a huge budget to swap out all the hardware to the most cutting-edge stuff. How can you make your dollar stretch further and get the improved performance that you want? You’re about …

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The Best Free Cleanup Software for Mac OS X


There aren’t loads of programs out there that warrant users to fork out money for to enjoy their features. A good chunk are premium, but the point is you can get around pretty well with free apps. When it comes to Mac OS X cleanup, two programs particularly stand out: …

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